Join us at the Michigan Summer Program in Cognition & Early Development (MSPICED)

The deadline for the MSPICED 2018 Summer Program has passed. 

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We are seeking motivated students to participate first hand in developmental psychological research. Our research aims to understand the cognitive and social foundation of young children’s behavior, including how children think about the minds of others, how they cooperate, and how language shapes their thinking.

You will be paired with a graduate student or postdoctoral mentor to work on cutting-edge research. You will gain experience and exposure to a variety of research activities, including: conducting experimental studies with children; data analysis using advanced video coding technology and statistical software; recruiting and scheduling child participants and their families; and aiding in the development of research design.

In addition to participating in research, you will participate in weekly lab meetings and reading groups. This will give you a chance to learn more about current developments in psychological research and provide feedback on ongoing projects. You will learn how to give a poster presentation and how to summarize research findings in writing. We will include sessions on professional development, such as paths towards graduate school and advice on how to write research statements.

This is a cooperation of three laboratories by Dr. Susan GelmanDr. Felix Warneken, and Dr. Henry Wellman.

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Check out pictures from our first MSPICED poster presentation!

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New "You" in a New Land
The Influence of Variety on Children's Decision-Making
Can "Because" be the Cause of Essentialist Beliefs among Children?
Turning a Blind Eye: New Measure to Assess Racial Blindness
Social GPS: How do Children View Digital Tracking of Possessions?