Human Trafficking/Prostitution

Jarjum Ete :

Jarjum Ete

Jarjum Ete, born in 1963, belongs to the Galo tribe and is the Chairperson of the Arunachal Pradesh State Commission on Women which discusses women's participation in panchayats, customary laws, need for a state women's commission and anti-liquor laws. She has very strong views on legalisation of prostitution.
Keywords: community activism, human trafficking, prostitution, intersectionality, politics, law
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Barbara Limanowska :

Barbara Limanowska

Barbara Limanowska was born in 1958 and studied Art History at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan. In 1984, she immigrated to Holland where she participated in the squatter movement and collaborated on feminist projects in Poland. She returned to Poland and in 1993 co-founded La Strada, a foundation committed to fighting trafficking in women. She has worked with La Strada and various other anti-human trafficking organizations in Poland, Thailand, and the former Yugoslavia.
Keywords: human trafficking, prostitution
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Vilma Núñez :

Vilma Núñez

Vilma Núñez, born in 1938, served as the first woman on Nicaragua's Supreme Court after the Sandinista Revolution. As a student, she became a member of the FSLN and participated in the anti-Somoza struggle, until she was imprisoned for these efforts in 1979. Núñez has been unofficially banished from the FSLN after running for president against Daniel Ortega and defending charges of sexual abuse against him. Núñez founded the Nicaraguan Center for Human Rights (CENIDH) in 1990.
Keywords: gender-based violence, human trafficking, prostitution, imprisonment, international rights, politics, law
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