Poland National Maps and Statistics

Below are a collection of maps and statistics to help contextualize the country of Poland and the interviews collected there. The statistics presented are just a sample from the source Index Mundi, where many more can be found. As always, these statistics are subject to varying levels of accuracy due to collection methods, data reporting, and publishing date.

These maps and more can be found at the Nations Online Project and Wikimedia Commons.


Demographic CategorySpecificationCountry Site: Poland
Sex Ratio0.94 Male(s)/female
Age Structure0-14 years: 14.8% (male 2,924,077 /female 2,762,634)
15-24 years: 10.34% (male 2,040,043 /female 1,932,009)
25-54 years: 43.44% (male 8,431,045 /female 8,260,124)
55-64 years: 13.95% (male 2,538,566 /female 2,819,544)
65 years and over: 17.47% (male 2,663,364 /female 4,049,281)
Percentages of Major Ethnic GroupsPolish 96.9%
Silesian 1.1%
German 0.2%
Ukrainian 0.1%
Other and unspecified 1.7%
Languages SpokenPolish (official) 98.2%
Silesian 1.4%
Other 1.1%
Unspecified 1.3%
IncomeAnnual Income Per Capita$29,600
Gini Coefficient 30.8
Educational AttainmentOverall16 Years
By GenderMale: 16 years
Female: 17 years
Gainful Employment
(Employment-to-population ratio)
By Gender Men: 58.5
Women: 43.2
These statistics have been selected from Index Mundi, where many more can be found.