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The New St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

The new St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox church was built in order to accommodate the growing congregation and was completed in 2004. This imposing building was designed by architect Constantine Pappas and constructed in the Byzantine style with a central dome, domed bell tower, and semi-circular arches and windows. The stained glasses windows, light fixtures, lecterns, and several icons and adornments came from the old church. The new location, although no longer centrally located in Ann Arbor, provides the parish with much needed space in terms of the interior plan of the church, classrooms, and dining hall but also allows for exterior functions such as a large parking lot (where the Ya’ssoo Festival is held), playground, and a sports area. Presently, the church is undergoing iconography installations to beautify the nave in line with Greek Orthodox religious tradition.

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The Old St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church

The original St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church was built in 1935 on North Main Street and was the first Greek Orthodox church in Ann Arbor. Church services, elementary and adult Greek language instruction, and the city’s annual Greek Festival were held there until 2002 ( church was demolished in 2012 for the construction of an apartment building. The new church was completed in 2004 and is located on Scio Church road.

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First Church Christ, Scientist

First Church of Christ Scientist

First Church of Christ Scientist.

Built by Spencer Beman in 1912 the Church of Christ Scientist held service for more than 75 years until it was converted into a residence over 20 years ago (Winerberg 2014: 85). The former church, which looks a little like Monticello, Thomas’ Jefferson’s home, is built of stucco over brick and features a colonnaded porch with side entryways, Frank Lloyd Wright inspired windows, and a cupola on the roof (Wineberg ibid.) Currently the owner plans to make the neoclassical building it a showplace for downtown living (

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Zion Lutheran Church

Zion Lutheran Church. Source:

Zion Lutheran Church, north side. Source:

Early on the church was located at the old Congregational Church on Fifth and Washington Avenues, but in the current building on West Liberty was completed in 1958 (Zion Lutheran Church). The church exhibits a front facade in the Greek temple style with its plain pediment and Ionic columns, but also does have divergent features such as the Italian renaissance styled entryway and the ornamental window in the pediment.

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