Peer-reviewed Publications

Mizunoya, S., & Zaw, H. T. (2017). Measuring the holes of the ship: Global cost estimations of internal inefficiency in primary education. International Journal of Educational Development54, 8-17. (PDF here)

Under Review

Zaw, H. T., Mizunoya, S., Richardson, D., Karamperidou, D., Hattori, H., & Nielsen, M. “Impact of Teacher Training Programs on Early Grade Reading: Evidence from an Experiment in Papua and West Papua of Indonesia”. Under review.

Other Publications

Chan, L., Erlings, E., Mizunoya, S., & Zaw, H. (2016). A City Fit for Children: Mapping and Analysis of Child-Friendly Cities Initiatives. The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Centre for Rights and Justice Occasional Paper Series, Paper No. 5. (PDF here)

Work in Progress

“An Equity Analysis of Pre-primary Education in the Developing World” (with Suguru Mizunoya and Xinxin Yu).

“Pre-colonial Rural Administration and Development: The Case of Martaban and Taung-Ngu in Southern Myanmar”.