A Linguistics PhD in Instructional Consulting

By Shana Melnysyn Dr. Chris Odato, an Instructional Consultant at Keene State College, received his PhD in Linguistics at the University of Michigan in 2010. Dr. Chris Odato is an Instructional Consultant at Keene State College in New Hampshire, where he works closely with faculty on course design and professional development. After a few years on the academic job market, he decided a tenure track position wasn’t the right path for him. So he started to reorient himself towards other types of work by thinking about what parts of an […]

Bringing PhD Training to Academic Innovation Projects

By Shana Melnysyn Dr. Sarah Moncada is a Project Coordinator for the Academic Innovation Initiative in U of M’s Office of Academic Innovation. She graduated from U of M with a PhD in Slavic Languages and Literatures in December 2016. Dr. Sarah Moncada helps facilitate the Academic Innovation Initiative, a year-long effort launched by the University of Michigan President’s and Provost’s Offices in September 2016. The Initiative aims to generate conversations and experiments to improve learning experiences at the university. Key goals include: expanding the reach of the university to […]

A Political Philosopher in a Taxpayer Watchdog Agency

By Eleni Manis, senior research analyst in the office of an elected official in the New York metropolitan area. Dr. Manis completed her PhD in Philosophy at the University of Michigan in 2009. Not so long ago, I was a philosopher specializing in political philosophy. Today, I work in the political arena, serving as a researcher and communications staffer in the office of an elected official. Then and now, I’ve been motivated by an interest in how government policies like the tax code shape people’s life prospects, and by a […]

How I (Unknowingly) Prepared for My Museum Career

By Matthew Jaber Stiffler, Researcher at the Arab American National Museum and Lecturer at the University of Michigan. Dr. Stiffler received his PhD in American Culture from U of M in 2010. My transition from academia to the world of cultural museums was, initially, supposed to be a temporary exile. My graduate career, eight years in all, was intended to be the prelude to a long and fruitful career as a tenure-track professor. I was attracted to every aspect of the TT lifestyle: flexible work schedule, summers “off”, spending every day […]

Developing and Applying Humanities Skills: From Museums to Financial Services

By Heloise Finch-Boyer, Senior Grants Specialist at Leyton UK. Dr. Finch-Boyer finished her PhD in Anthropology and History at University of Michigan in 2009. Internships aren’t just for undergrads. But when I entered the doctoral program in anthropology & history I was obsessed with other things: my field site, papers, prelims, my PhD “question”, the exciting intellectual atmosphere at the University of Michigan. One day in my 1st year, my friend had a good idea: “Why don’t we enroll on the Museum Studies Certificate Program?” This ended up being my […]

Using Humanities Training for Technical Writing

By Asynith Palmer, Technical Writer in Residence at University of Maryland Baltimore County and Information Developer at AMP Systems, LLC. Dr Palmer received her PhD in English from the University of Michigan in 2014. I have been a full time consultant since earning my PhD in English Language & Literature in 2014. I carry two business cards. One reads, “Technical Writer in Residence – University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)” and the other, “Information Developer – AMP Systems, LLC.” In both roles I serve as a persuasive professional writer. At UMBC, […]

From PhD to Public Humanities

By Joe Cialdella, Program Officer at the Michigan Humanities Council. Dr. Cialdella received his PhD in American Culture from the University of Michigan in 2015. Unlike many of my peers, I didn’t enter graduate school with the single goal of becoming a tenure track professor. It was not only the scarcity of academic jobs that led me to pursue a nonacademic position, but also a strong affinity for the public dimensions of scholarship and humanities work that led me to explore broader options almost from the beginning of my time […]

Humanities Training, Leadership Skills, and International Development Work

By Meg Ahern, gender specialist at the Global Partnership for Education at the World Bank. Dr. Ahern completed her joint PhD in Women’s Studies & English in 2012. When I was at Rackham, I never attended any alternative career panels – I was in full academia-or-bust mode.  Upon graduating, I had the incredible luck to get the research-only postdoc of my dreams at the University of Chicago, working with a team of amazing scholars on the exact topic I thought I wanted to write a book on.  Then, midway through, some troubling […]

What’s the right job for bringing historical perspectives into public life?

By Amanda Moniz, PhD, Associate Director of the National History Center and Program Coordinator at the American Historical Association. Dr. Moniz received her PhD in History from the University of Michigan in 2008. If you had asked me several years ago what public history is, I would have talked about museums.  Indeed, museums are leading sites for the work of public historians.  Working at the National History Center of the American Historical Association and the American Historical Association (AHA) proper, however, has broadened my understanding of what public history is, […]