The Humans of the Archives

By Alex Honold, Second year PhD student in Education Studies with a focus in history education and learning technologies.   Before coming to the University of Michigan, I taught high school US history and world geography. One of my favorite parts about teaching was introducing students to dramatic and thought-provoking primary source materials–diaries, oral histories, Nixon’s insane White House rants. Despite how impressive I thought my collection of primary sources was, I never gave much consideration to where many of those original sources were housed, who put them there, who […]

Expanding the Archive: Building a Digital Archive at the Arab American National Museum

By: Meryem Kamil, Doctoral Candidate, American Culture “Take the banana, put it in a vat of rice overnight, and then use a hair dryer, and all the spots on the banana will disappear.” It’s a lunch break at the Arab American National Museum, and one of the staff is telling us about an internet prank he fell for as we laugh incredulously, passing around a box of Rocky Road flavored Oreos. I looked forward to these Monday afternoons, when drafting reports and collecting archival materials was interrupted by communal lunches […]