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Date/Time Event
Thursday June 4
8-10am Registration & Breakfast
(Ehrlicher Room, North Quad 3rd Floor)
8:30-10am Graduate Student Workshop
(Osterman Common Room, 202 S. Thayer, Room 1022)
10-10:30am Welcome: Sara Blair, vice provost and professor, University of Michigan; Sidonie Smith, professor of and director, Institute for the Humanities, University of Michigan; Julia Watson, professor emerita, The Ohio State University
10:30am-12pm Keynote: Ruth Behar, “We Are All Somebody: Celebration of the Human Voice”
(Ehrlicher Room)
12-1:30pm Lunch (Ehrlicher Room)

North Quad 2185: Evidence or Exposé?

Kimberly Hall, “My Image, My Selves: Encountering Eleanor Antin’s Autobiographical Archive”

Kate Douglas, “Reading Isadora Faber’s Diário de Classe

Sarah Brophy, “Disturbing Selfies and Participation in Counter-Historical Art Exhibitions: Kara Walker’s ‘A Subtlety, or the Marvellous Sugar Baby’”

North Quad 2175: Translating Bodies

Buffy Turner, “Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz, Strategic Encounter, and Male-dominated Archival Spaces”

Jussara Fraga Portugal, “Memórias, Experiências de Vida, Formação e Profissão: Histórias de Professores de Geografia do Sertão do Sisal”

Rainer Goetz, “Issues of Gender and Genre in Catalina/Antonio de Erauso’s life-story”

North Quad 1185: Inter-generational Encounters

Vicki Hallett, “Life Writing among the Inuit of Labrador: Telling Encounters”

Nicole Poppenhagen, “Transpacific Kin Work: (Re)Defining and (Re)Imagining Family Ties in Chinese American Family Memoirs”

Melissa Baldwin and May Chazan, “Writing Lives, Re-Writing Narratives: Ageing, Activism, and the Archive”

North Quad 1265: The Spectacle of Lives

Weverton Andrade, “A Autobiografia no Processo de Criação da Cena Espetacular ‘Araci’”

John Wayne Pereira, “The Relationship Between the Work and Life of Amácio Mazzaropi: Art Contaminates Life”

3-3:30pm Break (Ehrlicher Room)

North Quad 2185: Collaborative Approaches to Narrating Lives (lightning round)

Sergio Barcellos, “Projeto Vida por Escrito: Rediscovering Carolina Maria de Jesus through Her Archive”

Ricia Anne Chansky, “Unwitting Collaborator: Remediating Posthumous Narratives”

Lynn Z. Bloom, “Negotiating Collaboration”

Craig Howes, “Three’s Company–Triordination and the Geometry of Autonomy”

Cynthia Huff, “Imagined Communities and Collaboration”

Tom Smith, “Re/Defining Collaboration”

North Quad 2175: Self-narration as Professional Training

Ana Cristina de Oliveira Pereira, “Narrar a Vida, Desvelar a Profissão: O Memorial como Dispositivo de Investigação-Formação”

Simone de Oliveira and Elizeu Clementino de Souza, “Percursos de Professores Universários: Memórias e Histórias de Professores da Roça”

Jussara Fraga Portugal, Simone Santos de Oliveira, and Mariana Martins Meireles, “Narrativas de Professores em Formação: Diversas Linguagens e Aprendizagens Geográficas”

Telma de Souza Garcia Grande, “A Way to Reflect in Service about the Reflexive Model Practiced in Pre-service with English Students in a Letters Course at UEMS, in a Public University in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil”

North Quad 1185: Archiving State Violence

Orly Lael Netzer, “Something Fierce: Documented Li(f)es”

Maria Faini, “Traveling Mills, Pulping Uniforms, Abandoning Paper: The Combat Paper Archive”

Lisa Ortiz-Vilarelle, “Patremoir as Post-Dictatorial Counter-tour: Angelita Trujillo’s Publicly Private Nostalgia”

6:30-8pm Welcome Reception, Institute for the Humanities, 202 S. Thayer
Friday June 5
7:30-8:30am Registration and Breakfast (Michigan League, 2nd floor concourse)
8:30-10am Keynote: Vincent Carretta, “Uncovering Lives: the Biographical Challenge of the Early Black Atlantic”
(Michigan League Ballroom, 2nd Floor)
10-10:30am Break (League Concourse)

North Quad 2185: Creating Communities: Digital Ecosystems

Diane Laurier, “The Use of Digital ‘Creative Accounts’ Conducted Among Aboriginal Artists in Contemporary Arts for the Well-being of Young Adults Descendant of First Peoples”

Michael Humphrey, “Quantifying A Life Story In Digital Ecosystems: Content Analysis on”

Michigan League, Vandenberg Room (2nd Floor): Performing Biographical Spectacles

Alberto Tibaji, “Theatre and Auto/biography: From Testimony to Performance”

Candida Rifkind, “The Life in Revue: The Spectacular Archive of Vaudeville Visual Biographies”

Karen Mozingo, “‘A Live Girl’: Performing the Queer Space of Exile in Valeska Gert’s Cabaret”

Michigan League, Michigan Room (2nd Floor): Archives Across Distance

Ricia Anne Chansky, “Dying in Nepal: Corporeality in Jamaica Kincaid’s Among Flowers

Yaël Schlick, “Autobiography and the Plural Author: The Case of Richard Byrd’s Alone

Lisa Brown, “We Meet Again!: Researcher, Subject and Text in Caribbean Life Writing”

12-1:30pm Lunch (League Ballroom)

North Quad 2185: Encountering Digital Lives

Joel Haefner, “Erasing Life Narrative”

Laurie McNeill, “Documentary Encounters: Auto/biographical Archives and Digital Technologies”

Elizabeth Rodrigues, “Got Narrative?: Data Collection and the Narrative Aesthetics of Self”

Michigan League, Vandenberg Room: Encounters in the Early Black Atlantic

Eric Lamore, “Olaudah Equiano’s Interesting Narrative as Fluid Text: Isaac Knapp’s 1837 Boston Edition”

Christine Levecq, “The Many Lives of Jacobus Capitein”

John Saillant, “New Light for the Blind African Slave”

Michigan League, Michigan Room: Place, Translation, and Encounter

Emily Woster, “Reading as (Autobiographical) Encounter, Technology, and Method for Women Writers, 1880-1940”

Eleanor Ty, “Asian Fail?: Cultural Translations in Jan Wong’s Out of the Blue

Nicole Stamant, “Having to Invent that Home in Language: Encounters and Belonging in The Black Notebooks

Michigan League, Hussey Room (2nd Floor): Encountering Autobiography as Method

Ana Cristina de Oliveira Pereira, “O Fazer Autobiográfico na Universidade: Potencialidades do Ensino como Prática de Investigação-Formação”

Luis Gómez González, “Autobiographical Writing: Proposed as a Methodology and an Epistemology for First-Person Research”

3-3:30pm Break (League Concourse)

North Quad 2185: Posthuman Life Narratives

Justin Joque, “Who We Will Have Been: The Subject in the Digital Auto-Archive”

Julie Rak, “Inuit Vibrant Matter: Mini Aodla Freeman’s Life Among the Qallunaat and Machine Ecology”

Cynthia Huff, “Unpacking the Pact”

Michigan League, Vandenberg Room: Politics of the Archive

Suely Quintana, “Female Voices of the 1973 Chilean Dictatorship”

Craig Howes, “Co/labor/action–Alicia Partnoy and the Politics of Editing”

Michigan League, Michigan Room: Bodies in Flux

Ana Roncero Bellido, “Teaching through Testimonio: A Pedagogy of the Flesh”

Kate Browne, “Body by Numbers: Weight Loss Memoir as Biopolitical Technology”

Shannon Finck, “Bodies at Liberty: Encounters with the ‘I’ Outside in Kathy Acker’s Don Quixote

Michigan League, Hussey Room: Memoir: Boom or Bust?

Debra Parker, “Memoir as an Archive of Loss”

Heidi Bollinger, “From Acclaim to Shame: The Reader-Reception of Fake Memoirs”

Megan Brown, “Three Cups of Neocolonialism: Memoirs of Empire”

5:15-6:30pm Presentation and gallery tour with Amanda
Krugliak, curator for the Institute for the
Humanities Gallery. (Institute for Humanities
Gallery, 202 S. Thayer, Room 1010)
7:30-9pm Film: Searching for Sugar Man (Osterman
Common Room, 202 S. Thayer, Room 1022)
Saturday June 6
7:30-8:30am Breakfast (League Concourse)
8:30-10am Keynote: Leigh Gilmore, “Rigoberta Menchú: Slow and Fast Time in the Testimonial Archive”
(League Ballroom)
10-10:30am Break (League Concourse)

North Quad 2185: “Unsettle”: An SNS Roundtable

Emily Johnston, “Endocrine Disruption and Embodied Difference in Spectacular Auto/Biography”

Eva Karpinski, “Thinking in the Moment: A Pitch for Radical Pedagogy”

Sarah Brophy, “Curating the Self”

Bethany Mannon, “How Memoirs Unsettle Fiction”

Elizabeth Rodrigues, “Counting Lives”

Michigan League, Vandenberg Room: Graphic Dilemmas

Bilge Mutluay Cetintas, “Facing Demons: Lynda Barry’s Graphic Life Narrative”

Sheng-mei Ma, “The Fate of Accidental Taiwanese: Gene Luen Yang’s Graphic Novels”

Michael Mosher, “High School Comics: Teenage Autobiographical Postures in Revolutionary Ann Arbor’s Graphic Story Journal”

Michigan League, Michigan Room: Reading American Captivities

Delphine Fongang, “Hegemonic Encounters: Retelling Enslavement and Finding Agency in Harriet Jacobs’ Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl

Zeinab McHeimech, “Islamic Hermeneutics of Dhikr in Malcolm X’s Autobiography and ‘Umar ibn Said’s Slave Narrative”

Tom Smith, “‘One of Us’, But Who Is ‘Us’?: The Mediations of Mary Jemison”

Michigan League, Koessler Room (3rd Floor): Migrations across Ideologies and Identities

Ioana Luca, “Post-Socialist Encounters in Contemporary American Life Writing”

Sergio Barcellos, “Projeto Vida por Escrito – The Lives of Carolina Maria de Jesus Through her Fictional Writings”

12-1:30pm Lunch (League Ballroom)

North Quad 2185: Activating Other Histories

Laura Brown, “Art/i/facts: Finding an I Between Art and Facts in Reinaldo Arenas’s El palacio de las blanquísimas mofetas

Linda Morra, “Autobiographical Texts, Archives, and Activism: The Jane Rule Fonds, Her Memoir, Taking My Life, and The Body Politic

Magdalena Zaborowska, “Archiving Invisible House: James Baldwin and Black Queer Encounters with Domesticity”

Michigan League, Vandenberg Room: A Stage of Her Own: Masks and Faces in Autobiographical Plays by Women

Melissa Lee, “‘Miss Treadwell Portrays Herself at 60 in a New Play’: Modes of Self-Dramatization”

Jirye Lee, “Facing Herself on Stage: Lenelle Moïse’s Womb Words, Thirsting

Lesley Ferris, “The Pains that Push My Pen: Alice Childress and Staging a Life”

Michigan League, Michigan Room: Radicalizing Life-Writing Pedagogy

Theresa N. Rojas, “The Unthinkable Mind: Lynda Barry’s Autobifictionalography as Mirror Box Therapy”

Doug Bush, “Catharsis and Empathy as Learning: Bridging the Queer and Straight Audiences of Rigoberto González”

Shermaine Jones, “‘The House of My Childhood’: The Pedagogical Function of Violence and Ethics of Rage in the Autobiographies of Malcolm X and Angela Davis”

Michigan League, Koessler Room: Claiming Lives in Contested Spaces

Jocelyn Stitt, “Nature, Space and Citizenship in Recent Caribbean Women’s Autobiographies”

Lee Behlman, “Harriet Martineau’s Americas”

3-3:30pm Break (Michigan League, 2nd floor concourse)
3:30-5pm Keynote: Leonor Arfuch, “Memoria, testimonio, autoficción. Narrativas de infancia en dictadura” “Memory, Testimonio, Auto-fiction. Childhood Narratives under Dictatorship”
(Michigan League Ballroom)
5:15-6:15pm Business Meeting (Osterman Common Room,
202 S. Thayer, Room 1022)
6:30pm Bus to banquet dinner at Matthaei Botanical
(leaving from Thayer Building, 202 S. Thayer)
7pm Banquet Dinner, Matthaei Botanical Gardens
Sunday June 7
7:30-8:30am Breakfast
(Michigan League, 2nd floor concourse)

North Quad 2185: PhotoGraphics, Memory, and Loss

Yu-Min (Claire) Chen, “Archiving the Self: Eileen Chang’s Self Writing in Photos, in Words and in Self-translation”

Samuel Kamara, “Technological Encounters: Framing the Sierra Leonean Civil War”

Eva Karpinski, “IndigenUS: The Concentric Weaves of Auto/Biography in Shelley Niro’s Photography and Film”

Michigan League, Henderson Room (3rd Floor): Pentacostal Subaltern Memory and Archival Practices

Lloyd Barba, “A Borderlands Archive: Gleaning Materials from the Fields”

Erica Ramirez, “Text and Subtext: Private Archives and Secret Oral Histories”

Daniel Ramirez, “Can the Pentecostal Subaltern Remember? Ethical Stakes at Play in Archival Practice”

Michigan League, Michigan Room: Encountering Brazilian Children’s Lives

Maria da Conceição Passeggi, Simone Rocha, and Luciane de Conti, “Narrativas da Infância: A Experiência de Crianças Hospitalizadas”

Gilvete de Lima Gabriel and Maria da Conceição Passeggi, “Crianças e Professoras de Três Etnias Indígenas da Amazônia: Que Sentidos Dão a Escola?”

10-10:30am Break (League Concourse)

North Quad 2185: Versions of Prominent Lives

Olga Aksakalova, “Textual Versioning as Method to Explore Crisis and Autobiography”

Alexander Bonar McKee, “Documenting Displacement in Brian Coffey’s Self Books”

Lynn Domina, “Sacred Cipher: Kateri Tekakwitha and the Technologies of Canonization”

Michigan League, Henderson Room: Archival Sites and Communities

Bethany Mannon, “Encountering Afghan Women’s Narratives in a Mediated Online Space”

Krista Roberts, “Encountering the Ribbon: Personal Stories Told through Pink Ribbon Marketing”

Krista Quesenberry, “Rethinking the Self-Reflexive Archive with Margaret Anderson”

Michigan League, Michigan Room: Encountering Environmental Crises

Molly Pulda, “Deep Roots: Autobiographical Encounters of Environmental Loss”

John Zuern, “Trashed-Out Biography: Abandoned Archives, Salvaged Stories, and the Pitfalls of Profiling in Paul Reyes’s Exiles in Eden

12:00pm Trip to Detroit (bus leaving from Thayer Building)