Workshop – August 27-29, 2019

1250 Undergraduate Science Building

The workshop is appropriate for many levels of experience and interest in IBL teaching—whether you’ve taught IBL for years, or are simply looking for small ways to make your classroom more interactive and exploratory. During the workshop participants will:

  • Watch and reflect upon on selected video clips of IBL teaching
  • Discuss key facets of IBL teaching
  • Read and discuss some of the education literature related to IBL teaching;
  • Discuss challenges of IBL teaching and strategies for doing it successfully.
  • Make concrete plans for creating a classroom climate that will lay the groundwork for a successful IBL classroom.
  • Have coffee and cookies with fellow participants;
  • And, if time allows, take part in an IBL lesson!



Facilitators: Nina White (University of Michigan) and Kyle Peterson (DePaul University, Chicago)