Program Components


Large Group Sessions: fellows will attend a large group training session in September and February with student employees from all undergraduate units.

  • Leadership in Action: hosted by the Student Empowerment Subcommittee within LSA UGEd’s Campus Climate Committee on September 1st, 2017. The speakers and themes of this event are: microaggressions and self-care, first-generation student experiences, and Islamophobia on campus.
  • ICC Winter Summit: hosted by LSA Undergraduate Education, this training will include 4 sessions, one keynote speaker, and team building exercises throughout the day.

Workshops: Each semester, students will be required to attend three different workshops hosted by LSA ICC in conjunction with various campus groups.


Reflection Sessions: Fellows will attend 3 reflection sessions per semester in addition to the workshops they attend. These will be one hour long, informal sessions with their ICC peers. They will provide students with an opportunity to share experiences and help one another develop action plans for implementing skills into their work life.

Resource Guidebook: This guidebook includes tips, FAQs about inclusive practices,  optional events on campus, and a list of campus communities that supplement the work of LSA ICC. Resources will also include seminal articles and access to online videos or modules.

Online Blog: Fellows have access to a private blog to foster discussion around events and ideas, or to ask questions to other fellows and the program coordinator. The online blog will be a space for fellows to share experiences, tips, and techniques that they have encountered and used in their jobs.

Coffee Hours:  These coffee chats will be available to all fellows as drop-in time to talk about workshops, trainings, and ask any questions about the program. Fellows are encouraged to come talk to our program coordinator about ideas they have for program development, and get any questions answered.

Community Building and Social Events: We will organize and host social events for fellows so that they can get to know one another and build relationships.


Alumni Events and Career Training:  Students will be invited to alumni luncheons and networking sessions with notable LSA alumni and partnering employers. Fellows will also have the opportunity to attend program and topic specific career training, as well as assistance with graduate school applications and post-graduate planning.