Quick-Prep Activities – Inclusive Teaching

Quick-Prep Activities

These activities may be incorporated into existing courses or lessons with relatively little preparation. Common themes among the activities include setting the tone for individual learning and classroom engagement, as well as building connections between students as they consider their identities.

Students will discuss dominant narratives - explanations or stories told in service of the dominant social group’s interests and ideologies. Read more
This collection of activities assists instructors in developing group cohesion, thoughtful engagement, and reflective responses to challenging material. Read more
Students will explore the concept of having a growth mindset, examining the science behind intelligence and its development. Read more
This collection of icebreakers provides a variety of activities to choose from and implement throughout the semester. Read more
In this icebreaker activity, students will have the option to share their first name, middle name, last name, nickname or Read more
The Personal Identity Wheel is an activity that encourages students to reflect and describe their identity through skills they have, Read more
In this activity, students spend five minutes writing a brief four-stanza poem about where they are from. Read more
In this activity, the class sits in a circle while the facilitator poses a discussion question or questions, passing a Read more
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