Research Team – Infection Prevention in Aging

Research Team

Karen Jones, MPH, RN, CIC

Research Associate / Project Coordinator

Ms. Jones is certified in Infection & Control with 9 years of infection prevention experience. Her background includes emergency/trauma nursing. She will work with project stakeholders and key leaders to improve collaboration between acute care and long-term care facilities.

Bonnie Lansing, LPN

Research Nurse / Project Coordinator

Ms. Lansing has many years of experience as a clinical nurse, and more than 10 years as a research nurse in the nursing home setting.  She is the key liaison between the study team and facilities’ infection prevention team, and coordinates all aspects of study field work.

Marco Cassone, MD, PhD

Research Lab Manager

Dr. Cassone has many years of experience in clinical microbiology and infectious diseases research. He has described and managed infections from antibiotic-resistant bacteria, characterized MRSA and fungal outbreaks in hospital settings, and developed innovative techniques to detect antimicrobial resistance genes. Dr. Cassone performs identification, resistance and molecular laboratory testing and is involved in patient sample collection and data analysis.

Kristen Gibson, MPH

Research Associate

Ms. Gibson, a graduate of the UM School of Public Health and CHIP Internship program, helps to coordinate multiple aspects of study field work as well as conducting microbiological and molecular laboratory tests.

Julia Mantey, MUP, MPH

Data Analyst

Ms. Mantey, a graduate of the UM School of Public Health, coordinates data management and statistical analysis of research data.

Ana Montoya, MD


Dr. Montoya works within the Sub-Acute Service of the Division of Geriatric and Palliative Care Medicine, managing care transitions from hospitals to sub-acute care. She has a special interest in infection control and prevention in nursing homes.

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