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Scroll down for the submission form. Here are the primary formatting guidelines for your submission:

  • There should be a cover page with only the title of your manuscript, followed by a page with your table of contents and a page with any epigraphs you might have.
  • Begin each poem on a new page (i.e., there should never be two poems on the same page unless conceptually important or part of a longer sequence).
  • Please DO NOT include your name or publication acknowledgements anywhere in the manuscript. Any information you’d like us to know about you or your manuscript, such as which pieces might have won a Hopwood or have been published in Xylem or other literary journals, should be included in your short cover letter included in the submission form. We cannot stress this enough; if we discover you’ve included your name or other identifying information in your manuscript, we may have to reject your submission.
  • Regarding cover letters, please include a short cover letter in the space provided. In this cover letter, please 1) identify any publication or award acknowledgements (for instance, we happily accept pieces that have won a Hopwood award, but please let us know if that’s the case), 2) a short 150-250 word biographical statement, 3) your phone number and email, and 4) any other comments about your work you believe might be important for us to know. We read submissions blindly (meaning we don’t read the cover letter or know who the author is until the reading process is complete to avoid any bias or preliminary expectations), so the cover letter should be the only place with identifying information, such as your name and contact info.
  • You may submit your work as a PDF, Docx, or Doc.
  • For a complete explanation of manuscript requirements, please visit our Guidelines & Requirements page. You may also email us with concerns or complications at
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