Who We Are

Dr. Julie Boland
Dr. Julie Boland investigates the basic cognitive processes that underly word recognition and sentence comprehension. Her research interests include the psychology of language; sentence comprehension, word recognition & discourse processing. How is syntactic knowledge stored and accessed? What is the relationship between syntactic and semantic processing? How are linguistic ambiguities resolved? Under what circumstances is unambiguous linguistic input difficult to comprehend?

Wendy Guo

Jocelyn Brickman

Katie Hall
Katie is a senior pursuing a double-major in Linguistics and Spanish with a minor in English Language & Literature through the college of LS&A. Her academic interests include phonology, morphology, and first language acquisition. Outside of the lab, she is also a co-director of RhythM Tap Ensemble, a member of Dance Mix Core, and a member of the Undergraduate Linguistics Club.

Lindsey Harris
Lindsey a recent graduate from the University of Rochester with a BA in Brain & Cognitive Science on the Psycholinguistics track. Her interests aren’t limited to Psycholinguistics and include cognitive control, decision making, and multi-sensory processing. She will be applying in the fall for a PhD in Cognitive Science.

Natalie Jackson
Natalie is a senior from Southfield MI studying Linguistics and Psychology. She has a specific interest in working with people with disabilities, like autism and down syndrome, and hopes to go to grad school for behavior analysis. She is a member of the Michigan Marching Band abdSigma Phi society. She enjoys watching sports, working out, gardening and listening to podcasts.

Kelly Kendro
Kelly is a senior majoring in Romance Languages and Literatures and Cognitive Science. She speaks Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. She currently works in the RLL Speech Production lab, has worked in Dr. Boland’s lab on various projects and is currently working on her senior thesis. Her academic interests include bilingualism and foreign language acquisition and attrition.