Deciphering the mineral clues to ancient life


We investigate the history of environments and life on Earth by looking at the activity of organisms and their mineral record.  As the diverse metabolisms of microbial life alter the surrounding geochemistry, organisms are leaving enigmatic clues of their presence — but how can we identify and interpret the record of life and its impact on the environment?


In the Microbe-Mineral Lab at U-Michigan, we examine ancient sedimentary rocks and modern mineralizing microbes using multi-faceted approaches to probe the biogeochemical record of the Precambrian Earth.

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Lab News

New paper out!

Excited to share an in-press review article out of the Microbe-Mineral Lab highlighting how we can infer ancient metabolisms from the mineral record! Find the paper at:

Back at the synchrotron!

We’re back at the Stanford synchrotron, and getting to try out our new liquid nitrogen dewar where we’ve stored our samples en route to keep them pristine and unaltered. Already getting some ‘illuminating’ iron X-ray spectra of Isaac’s experimental precipitates!

Welcome Kendall!

We had a belated welcome and birthday celebration for Kendall, who is now an undergrad researcher in the Microbe-Mineral Lab!  

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