Deciphering the mineral clues to ancient life


We investigate the history of environments and life on Earth by looking at the activity of organisms and their mineral record.  As the diverse metabolisms of microbial life alter the surrounding geochemistry, organisms are leaving enigmatic clues of their presence — but how can we identify and interpret the record of life and its impact on the environment?


In the Microbe-Mineral Lab at U-Michigan, we examine ancient sedimentary rocks and modern mineralizing microbes using multi-faceted approaches to probe the biogeochemical record of the Precambrian Earth.

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Lab News

Happy Halloween!

The MML lab and friends had a great time carving pumpkins and making pizzas at a pre-Halloween party at Jena’s house. Happy Halloween everyone!

Welcome Alice and Chrissie!

We had a sushi-making party to welcome Alice Zhou and Chrissie Nims to the Microbe-Mineral lab! Very excited to have them both here in Ann Arbor.

Lab Taco Night

One of our new lab members, Chrissie Nims (grad student starting in the fall), was here this last weekend to find an apartment so we had a lab taco night at Jena’s house!

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