2019 Ridgecrest – Jing Ci Neo

2019 Ridgecrest Earthquakes

Ridgequest Earthquake Sequence

The 2019 Ridgecrest earthquake sequence was unc in a few ways. First, it occurred on two orthogonal fault planes, with the hypocenter of a large foreshock on the NE-SW plane and the hypocenter of the mainshock on the NW-SE plane. Second and more interestingly, the Garlock fault to the South the fault planes acted as a barrier, inhibiting slip and aftershocks beyond it. My research addresses the following questions by examining the Coulomb stress change from slip on the faults: 

Did the foreshock trigger the mainshock? If so, what is the contribution from either fault planes? Did either or both of the earthquakes increase the stress on the Garlock fault? Are my results consistent with the observed creep on the Garlock fault after the earthquakes?

Figure from Ramos et al 2019: (a) Coulomb stress change from the foreshock on the mainshock fault planes (b) Contribution of stress from the slip on the NW-SE striking fault (c) Contribution of stress from the SW-NE striking fault

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