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The Jewish-Muslim Research Network (JMRN) was started in April 2019 by Adi Saleem Bharat and Katharine Halls at the University of Manchester. An interdisciplinary and international initiative, the JMRN brings together academics whose research focuses on Jews, Muslims, and the relations and interactions between them. The JMRN aims to provide a forum for productive discussions and debates among researchers from different fields whose work is at the forefront of a line of academic inquiry that has produced creative and critical scholarship in recent years.

The JMRN’s current coordinators are Adi Saleem Bharat, Katharine Halls, and Flora Hastings. Adi, who is a faculty member in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures at the University of Michigan, researches race and religion, particularly in relation to Jews and Muslims, in contemporary French society. Katharine is an Arabic-English translator and PhD student at the CUNY Graduate Center focusing on Egyptian Jewish history. Flora is a PhD candidate in the Department of Anthropology at SOAS whose research comparatively explores “progressive” forms of Jewish and Muslim identity in contemporary Barcelona.

Since 2019, the network has been constantly growing and currently counts over two hundred members across Europe, North America, and the Middle East, representing a variety of disciplines such as anthropology, sociology, political science, history, religion and theology, literature, linguistics, area studies, and cultural studies. Members range from students to tenured professors – we are committed to fostering meaningful academic relationships between scholars at different stages of their careers.

Below you can access our annual reports detailing our activities since 2019:

AY 2020–2021

AY 2019–2020

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