JMRN/CJS Panel and Plenary 2020: Jewish Studies and Jewish Identities in Comparative Perspective

Belonging and Alienation in Academic Practices: Jewish Studies and Jewish Identities in Comparative Perspective

Wednesday 12 February 2020, 3–6pm
Room 3.204, University Place, University of Manchester

In collaboration with the Centre for Jewish Studies and the Northern Jewish Studies Partnership

This event is open to the University of Manchester community and the broader public. It will be followed by a meeting to discuss “Identities and the Curating of Material Culture” as a topic of possible future research collaboration in the Northern Jewish Studies Partnership, as agreed at the last workshop in June 2019. 


3.00-3.45pm: Three short panel presentations (max. 15 minutes): Aaron W. Hughes (University of Rochester), Samuel Sami Everett (University of Cambridge) and Alexander Samely (University of Manchester). Moderated by Katja Stuerzenhofecker (University of Manchester).

3.45-4.30pm: Plenary in response to the presentations, and a freely ranging discussion that may touch upon identity, academic identity, institutional identity, forms of academic engagement with texts and material objects

4.30-4.45pm: Coffee and Refreshments

4.45-6.00pm: Meeting of Northern Partnership academics on possible research and funding collaboration involving Jewish/non-Jewish identities and material culture (e.g. the link between conceptualizations of identities on the one hand and institutional framings of material culture on the other, as practiced e.g. in museums, university libraries, scholarship, etc.).