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JMRN Review is an academic blog that provides accessible and succinct analysis and opinions on Jewish and Muslim cultures, societies, and peoples and the relations between and among them. We welcome submissions, from any discipline, that ask new questions and offer fresh perspectives on a wide range of issues related to these themes.


Submissions should be sent as a Word document, with a short bio at the end, to the editors (Adi Saleem Bharat, Katharine Halls, and Flora Hastings) at Please also attach a headshot and any social media or personal/professional website links.

Submissions should be relatively short. There are no strict word limits, but we would advise not going much above 1000 words. We also advise keeping any endnotes to a minimum. Your article should get straight to the point without too much background information. It may be useful to refer to an existing article.

We welcome:

  • Analysis and opinion
  • Reviews of books, plays, movies, etc.
  • Photo essays
  • Field notes
  • Summaries and discussions of books and articles that you’ve recently published

Terms and Conditions

By submitting to JMRN Review, you agree to the following terms. All views expressed in JMRN Review are solely the authors’. They do not necessarily represent the views of JMRN Review, its editors and affiliates, or any affiliated organizations and institutions. We do not accept any responsibility for the content of submissions to JMRN Review. Contributors have the sole responsibility for ensuring that all submissions are their own and accurate.

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