Welcome, Dr. Brumback and Dr. Bogensberger

It is a pleasure to welcome Dr. McKinley Brumback and Dr. David Bogensberger to the team. They will be starting as postdoctoral fellows in 2022. Dr. Brumback is an expert on accreting pulsars and warped accretion disks. Dr. Bogensberger is an expert on AGN surveys and variability properties of accreting black holes.

Congratulations Dr. Trueba

Nicolas Trueba successfully defended his thesis on 4/14. Later this summer, he will start a postdoctoral fellowship in solar physics with John Raymond at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

Undergraduate researchers in Astronomy 399

I am happy to say that Mark Reynolds and I are back to running our “research seminar” course (Astronomy 399), on black hole accretion and NASA’s Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory. We are doing this in addition to our regular teaching assignments because undergraduate research is key, and may have suffered during the pandemic. During the …

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Postdoctoral position in accretion-powered astrophysics

The Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Michigan invites applications for a postdoctoral researcher position with Dr. Jon Miller, focusing on observational studies of accretion onto black holes across the mass scale and related feedback, and/or studies of neutron stars. Applicants must have completed their PhD in astronomy, astrophysics, or physics before …

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Welcome Paul Draghis

Paul Draghis is joining the group to work on aspects of black holes for his Ph.D. Paul finished his undergraduate degree at Stanford University, having worked on pulsars with Roger Romani. Welcome, Paul!

Renee Ludlam wins NHFP/Einstein Fellowship.

Renee Ludlam was awarded a NHFP/Einstein Postdoctoral Fellowship.  She will take this coveted fellowship to Caltech, to continue her work on neutron stars.  Even this underplays her success, as she was also awarded two other prized fellowships that she had to decline.  Well done, Renee!

Jon to Co-Chair NASA Athena Study Team

Jon has been appointed as to Co-Chair the NASA Athena Study Team. Led by ESA and with contributions from NASA, Athena is a major X-ray telescope scheduled for launch in 2028. The AST will coordinate US scientific inputs into the mission.

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