New postdocs arrive

Dr. Bailey Tetarenko, the Department of Astronomy McLaughlin Fellow, has arrived from Albert and is getting straight into work with Gemini and Magellan. Dr. Elias Kammoun has arrived from SISSA in Italy, and is jumping on studies of quasars and Seyfert-2 AGN. Dr. Abigail Stevens, an NSF Astronomy & Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellow,  has arrived from …

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Black hole spin result featured on AAS/NOVA.

Recent work by Jon concerning a very rapidly spinning black hole has been featured on AAS/NOVA.  The research made use of the new NICER experiment aboard the International Space Station. A Rapidly Spinning Black Hole with a Warped Disk

Jon selected for XARM team

NASA has named Jon as one of five US “Participating Scientists” in the XARM mission, a partnership of JAXA, NASA, and ESA that will launch an X-ray calorimeter spectrometer in 2021.

Abigail Stevens to join the group

Ms. Abigail Stevens (soon, Dr. Stevens), graduate student at the University of Amsterdam, has won an NSF Astronomy & Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellowship. After graduation, she will join the group in Fall 2018. Congratulations to Abigail, and what good news for us!

Degenaar wins Swift Key Program

Dr. Nathalie Degenaar, former Hubble fellow in the group and now at the University of Amsterdam, has been awarded a Swift Key Program. The two-cycle program will monitor the massive black hole, Sgr A*, as well as many X-ray binaries, over the course of two years. Mark and Jon are Co-Is on this program.

Jon awarded NuSTAR Legacy Survey

10/4/17 The NuSTAR Obscured Seyferts Survey will complete a volume-limited survey of black holes in heavily obscured environments, wherein black holes may grow especially quickly.  This will enable more accurate estimates of obscured accretion power and black hole growth over large cosmological volumes.

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