aix_mairieI have served as chair or co-chair for the following doctoral dissertations in History at the University of Michigan.

Rebecca Wall, “The Jews of the Desert:  Colonialism, Zionism, and the Jews of the Algerian M’zab, 1882-1962,” (co-chair with Todd Endelman), 2014.

Kenneth Garner, “Seeing Is Knowing: The Educational Cinema Movement in France, 1910-1945,”  (co-chair with Gabrielle Hecht), 2012.

Sarah Moon McDermott, “Creole Citizens of France: The Trans-Atlantic Politics of Antillean Education and the Creole Movement since 1945” (co-chair with Rita Chin), 2012.

Andrew Israel Ross, “Urban Desires:  Practicing Pleasure in the City of Light, 1848-1900,” 2011.

Samuel Temple, “The Nature of Nation:  State-Building and the Politics of Environmental Marginality in 19th and 20th Century Southern France,” 2010.

Minayo Nasiali, “Native to the Republic:  Negotiating Citizenship and Social Welfare in Marseille’s ‘Immigrant’ Neighborhoods Since 1945” (co-chair with Rita Chin), 2010.

Heloise Finch, “Housing, Urban Planning and Citizenship in Réunion:  National Projects of Development in a French Overseas Department, 1958-1988,” 2010.

Peter Soppelsa, “The Fragility of Modernity:  Infrastructure and Everyday Life in Paris, 1870-1914” (co-chair with Gabrielle Hecht), 2009.