Race and Gender in Japanese Art, Animation, and Popular Culture

Reading Materials

Grace En-Yi Ting, (2020). “Ogawa Yōko and the Horrific Femininities of Daily Life,” Journal of the American Association of Teachers of Japanese 54(2), 551-582.

Ujita, T. (Writer), & Yamamoto, S. (Director). (2008). The Brown Sugar Outlaw (Season 1, Episode 2) [TV series episode]. In H. Iizuka (Executive Producer) Mitchiko to Hatchin. Fuji TV.

Discussion Questions

In the episode of Michiko to Hatchin, what is the role of food in disorderly femininity?

How are girlhood and womanhood represented and differentiated in the “Horrific Femininities” text?

How are they disrupted in this text? How are they disrupted and racialized in Michiko to Hatchin?

How is Ting’s discussion of beauty and violence of domestic labor inflected by neoliberalism?