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2015       “Roth in the Archives: ‘Eli, the Fanatic’ and the Nitra Yeshiva
Controversy of 1948,” under review at American Jewish History.

2015       “’Thou Art the Man!’: Jewish Storytelling and the Scene of Encounter,”
under review at Jewish Quarterly Review (special edition based on proceedings from Stanford Jewish Storytelling Conference).

2015       “Encountering the Idea of America; or, The Unbearable Optimism of
            Nineteenth-Century Jewry.” Forthcoming in The Cambridge History of
            Jewish American Literature, edited by Hana Wirth-Nesher.

2015       “’A spatsir durkh Lover’s Lane’: Bilingual Performances in American Yiddish
            Literature.” in Margins and Centers in Yiddish Culture and Literature.
            Edited by Shlomo Berger. Amsterdam Yiddish Symposium 9. Menassah
            ben Israel Institute. 7-30.

2014        “The Seventh Angel Woke Me” : Adah Isaacs Menken and the Prophetic Voice in
            Jewish American Poetry.” Studies in American Jewish Literature (special
            edition: “Before the Flood: Early Jewish American Writing).
            (Vol. 33. No. 1. 2014): 147-165.

2013       “All the Metaphors You Are: Conceptual Mappings of Bebop in James
            Baldwin’s ‘Sonny’s Blues’ and Jack Kerouac’s On the Road,” Jazz
            Research Journal, vol. 6, no. 1. (Feb. 2013): 69-87.

2012       “On Some Motifs in Moyshe-Leyb Halpern: A Benjaminian Meditation on
            Yiddish Modernism,” Prooftexts. 32. 1. (2012): 63-88.

2012       “A Yiddish Modernist Speaks of Jesus.” Michigan Quarterly Review
            Winter 2012. Vol. 51, No. 1. (2012): 32-40.
                     >Reprint available HERE.

2011        “Connoisseurs of Angst: the Jewish Mystique in Postwar American
            Culture,” Philosemitism in History, Cambridge University Press,
            edited by Jonathan Karp and Adam Sutcliff, 2011: 235-256.

2009       “People of the (Secular) Book: Literary Anthologies and the Making of Jewish Identity in Postwar America.” In Religion or Ethnicity?: Jewish Identities in Evolution, edited by Zvi Gitelman. Rutgers University Press, 2009: 132-150.

2008       “Brooklyn Am Rhein?: German Jewish Thought and the Jewish American
            Writer,” Jewish Literatures and Cultures: Text and Intertext, edited by
            Anita Norich and Yaron Eliav, Brown University Press, 2008: 63-81.

2004       “Modernism from Below: Moyshe-Leyb Halpern and the Situation of Yiddish Poetry,” Jewish Social Studies, 10.3. (2004): 143- 160.

2004       “The Maimed Body and the Tortured Soul: Holocaust Survivors in American Film,” in The Yale Journal of Criticism, 17.1 (2004): 141-160.

2004       “Die Juedische Wanderschaft Von Harry Maor,” (“The Jewish Wanderings of
            Harry Maor”) in Vergegenwaertigungen des Zerstoerten Juedischen Erbes
            (Confronting the Destruction of the Jewish Past) ed. Wolfdietrich
            Schmied Kowarzik, Kassel: Kassel University Press, 2004. 211-216.

2003       “Is There a Jewish Text In This Class? Jewish Modernism in the Multicultural
            Academy,” Michigan Quarterly Review, 42.1. (2003): 195-210.

1999       “Transmitting Yiddishkeit: Irving Howe and Jewish American Literature,”
            Jewish Culture and History, (vol.2, no.2, Winter 1999): 42-65.