Resource Manuscripts

Preface [pdf]

Particle Physics

Neutron-antineutron oscillations (2018) [pdf]

Natural units conversions and fundamental constants (2016) [pdf]

Lectures on symmetries and interactions of particle physics (2013) [pdf]

English-German Particle Physics Vocabulary (2013) [pdf]

Energy and luminosity scaling of the sensitivity to dimension-six operators at high-energy e+e- colliders (2013) [pdf]

Nuclear Physics

U-235 and U-238 isotopic fractions of natural Uranium throughout geological time (2018) [pdf]


Rotationally invariant integrals of arbitrary dimensions (2014) [pdf]

International Security

High-voltage DC transmission lines (2011) [pdf]

Science Background to North Korea’s Nuclear Bomb Program (2011) [pdf]

Science Theory

Lexicon of Theory Qualities (2018) [pdf]

Naturalness, Supersymmetry, and Predictions for New Physics at the LHC (2018) [pdf]

Q&A on Naturalness and Extra-Empirical Theory Assessments (2018) [pdf]