Poetry Publications


The Period of Warring States, Another New Calligraphy Press, April 2017

zombia, dancing girl press, August 2014

Poems Online

Langston Hughes in Shanghai” in The Shanghai Literary Review

THESAURUS dot COM,” and “Tender Greens” in Apogee Journal

Poems Elsewhere

“Langston Hughes in Shanghai,” in The Shanghai Literary Review, Fall 2017

“The Year of the Untranslatable Animal,” in Spittoon Literary Magazine, Fall 2016

“Sentence,” “How Long Can the Poet and Neuroscientist Talk Before They Have Sex Already?,” “Sonnet Fusion Restaurant Where I Drink Plum Wine With Lana Del Rey,” in Quarto Literary Magazine, 2013

“Edwidge in Blue Dress,” “Ingrid in Her Summer Dress,” in The Columbia Review, Spring 2010

“Boroughing: Onassis Reservoir,” in The Current, April 2010

“Confessions of a Self-Portrait,” “My Felon of Choice,” in The Columbia Review, Fall 2009

“The Swelling,”  in The Columbia Review, Spring 2009

​“Sea Mice,”  in The Columbia Review, Fall 2008