Hi, I’m Kate. I observe, experiment on, and mathematically model parasite communities.

Kate taking a celebratory field season selfie after finding the depth sensor they’d lost (2018, SE Michigan)

I occasionally study their hosts, too.

I am a PhD candidate in the Duffy Lab and use the freshwater zooplankton Daphnia and its many microparasites as a study system; Daphnia let me think about how sex and gene flow impact host resistance evolution on microevolutionary timescales (spoiler: it’s more complicated than we expected) and model how dose effects on within-host interactions influence between-host disease dynamics in multi-parasite systems

In addition to my work with Daphnia, I’m working on a public health modeling project with the guidance of Marisa Eisenberg (UM Epidemiology, UM Complex Systems, and UM Mathematics) and Emily Toth Martin (UM Epidemiology).  We’re thinking about SARS-CoV-2 dynamics and what they might look like as waning immunity and strain evolution wear on, and as different respiratory viruses cycle through their own seasonal dynamics. 

You’re welcome to check out the rest of the site to get more details on individual projects, and you can reach me at kdmclean@umich.edu with any questions.

Cheers! 🔬🦠🍄🪱🖥️📈