EEID Glasgow

Scotland, here we come!  I’ll be attending the 16th annual Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Disease (EEID) Conference in Glasgow, Scotland along with my fellow Duffy lab member Camden Gowler.

I’m taking my research on the impact of co-infection and spore dose on within-host dynamics across the pond, so I’m particularly excited for Session 4: Within-host pathogen dynamics: co-infection to wild immunity.  All of the sessions look amazing, to be honest.  As this will be the first time I attend a disease-centric conference, I intend to embrace the role of over-enthusiastic graduate student and attend all the sessions, absorb all the information I can, and network alongside those nervous butterflies I’ll be sporting.

Do you have any suggestions for international conference travel? What about comfortable yet professional footwear for women scientists?  And of course, food recommendations are always appreciated!