Before joining the Duffy Lab in 2016 I completed a bachelors of science in biology at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah.  My undergraduate thesis explored the impact of urbanization on shifts in the functional diversity of microbial communities in agricultural soil, and the impact of those microbial shifts on the productivity of crop plants.  I was intrigued by with the ways in which changes in microbial communities impact higher levels of biological organization.  A fascination with host-parasite dynamics naturally followed!

During my time at Westminster I became a McNair Scholar and an NSF GRFP fellow. Upon admittance to the University of Michigan, I was awarded a Rackham Merit Fellowship through the Rackham Graduate School at U of M.

When I’m not trawling lakes for Daphnia or examining said Daphnia under a microscope, you can usually find me exploring Michigan with my two kids or tweeting about diversity in STEM.  You can check out my Twitter feed here!