Research Overview – The Kennedy Group

Research Overview

Welcome to the Kennedy Group research page! Feel free to explore our piece of cyberspace in order to develop a better understanding of our research projects and to obtain information about those working in the group.

As a bioanalytical chemistry lab, our goal is to develop analytical instrumentation and methods that can help solve problems of biological significance. The analytical techniques we investigate are based on microfluidics, chromatography, electrophoresis, mass spectrometry, and enzyme assays. These methods are applied to a variety of areas including endocrinology (e.g., understanding insulin secretion defects related to type 2 diabetes), neurochemistry (e.g., identifying neurochemical deficits associated with Huntington’s disease), and high-throughput screening for drug discovery and other applications.

In our work we must analyze complex mixtures, often at nanoliter volumes that contain only attomole or zeptomole quantities. These challenges create innumerable opportunities for analytical research. Students or post-docs with interest and skills in instrumentation, biology, analytical methods, organic chemistry, materials, and engineering can all contribute to the team.

Please follow the links to learn more about our projects related to analytical chemistry including lab-on-a chipseparations, and mass spectrometry and its applications diabetesneuroscience, and high-throughput screening.

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