The Khanqah of Baybars al-Jashinkir, 1306-1310

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The Khanqah of Baybars al-Jashinkir, 1306-1310

Bernard O’Kane


This presentation discusses the complex of Baybars al-Jashinkir (1309), a Cairene Mamluk monument that comprises a khanqah (Sufi convent) and mausoleum. It situates it within its historical context and compares it with other Mamluk monuments, highlighting features that are both typical and unique (such as its plan).


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Bernard O’Kane, “The Khanqah of Baybars al-Jashinkir, 1306-1310,” Khamseen: Islamic Art History Online, published 28 August 2020.

Bernard O’Kane is a professor of Islamic Art and Architecture at The American University in Cairo. He has authored several books including The Mosques of Egypt, The Illustrated Guide to the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo, Timurid Architecture in Khurasan and Mosques: the 100 Most Iconic Islamic Houses of Worship. He recently directed the creation of The Monumental Inscriptions of Cairo database featuring searchable and translated transcriptions of epigraphy on Cairo’s historic monuments.