Welcome to the Health and Life Study of Koreans!

Hi, my name is Sunghee Lee. I am a research scientist at the University of Michigan responsible for the Health and Life Study of Koreans.

Koreans have immigrated to the United States for over 100 years. There were 462 Koreans in the United States in 1910. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, as of 2010, there are about 1.7 million Koreans residing in the United States, making us the fifth largest Asian American group. Almost 65% of Korean Americans were born outside of U.S.

Unfortunately, Korean Americans and our lives are not well understood because of lacking data sources. Often, data are not collected in Korean language and include very few Koreans, making it extremely difficult to obtain meaningful statistics. Hence, the policy is limited in incorporating our needs and aspirations.

Our study aims to collect data from a total of 800 Korean Americans, particularly those born outside of the U.S., to examine how our community members are with their health and life and how to improve data collection method for our community. Everything, including questionnaires and study websites, is prepared in both Korean and English to eliminate linguistic barrier.

There is a short welcome video where I explain more about this study and research team members’ profile.

This study is funded by the National Science Foundation (Award Number: SES-1461470).


Our study ended as of 3/31/2018. A total of 654 individuals (369 from LA and 285 from Michigan) participated in this study. Thank you for your support and participation!


Sunghee Lee, Ph.D.