Data Analysis

fNIRS data analysis typically go through two stages, the preprocessing and post processing. Preprocessing includes data and stimulus vector trimming, noise filtering and motion artifacts correction. Post processing includes block average, model based regression and relevant statistics.

Some toolboxes for fNIRS data processing:

HOMER2 has a GUI interface similar to HOMER, but now more easily supports group analyses and re-configuration of the processing stream. Further, it enables users to integrate their own algorithms into the processing stream. Underneath the GUI, all of the processing functions can be accessed at the script level, adding additional flexibility. Users are encouraged to contribute their own scripts for public dissemination within HOMER2.

NIRS SPM is a SPM12 and MATLAB-based software package for statistical analysis of near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) signals, developed at the Bio Imaging Signal Processing (BISP) lab at KAIST in Korea.

+NIRS Toolbox is a set of MATLAB based tools for the analysis of functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS). This toolbox defines the +nirs namespace and includes a series of tools for signal processing, display, and statistics of fNIRS data. This toolbox is built around an object-oriented framework of Matlab classes and namespaces. This code is provided As-Is and is in a constant state of improvement.

NFRI Toolbox is a set of MATLAB functions to perform probabilistic registrations according to the paper by Singh AK, Okamoto M et al. Neuroimage 27, 842-851 (2005).