Equipments & Rooms

fNIRS Testing Room


TechEN CW6 System

  • The TechEN CW6 fNIRS is a continuous wave system, configured for expansion of up to 32 lasers and 32 detectors.Lasers (source) Module Cards: The CW6 unit is configured with laser pairs in a laser module card. Each module has two pairs of lasers with wavelengths of 690 nm and 830 nm. Detector (receiver) Module Cards: The CW6 unit is configured with detector/receiver channels. Each detector module has two APD detectors/channels.
  • Spatial Resolution: With the 32×32 arrangement, there are 1024 possible individual data channels of raw data and 80-128 measurement channels.
  • Temporal Resolution: The system real-time data acquisition and display of raw data, sampling at a rate of up to 50 Hz.
  • Auxiliary Signals: TechEn also provides up to 8 BNC connectors for auxiliary signals to allow you to insert triggers or stim marks directly into your fNIRS data file.
  • fMRI and EEG compatible: CW6 fNIRS instrument is both EEG and fNIRS compatible. The lab has ferromagnetic fibers compatible with fMRI magnetic set-up.


Reception Room

We have a reception room for participants and their families. This reception room includes a private restroom with an infant changing station.

Observational Laboratories

We also use observational labs for more extensive observational or behavioral studies, depending on the projects.

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