As a first-generation college student and graduate of a small liberal arts college, I take teaching seriously because the quality of teaching I received led me to pursue a career in academia.  I have received additional training in teaching upper-level writing, taken a month-long seminar on Preparing Future Faculty from the Center for Research on Learning and Teaching (CRLT), and initiated an inter-campus mentorship, ultimately earning a U-M Graduate Teacher Certificate. Details on the Certificate can be found here.

I also have experience teaching in the classroom, directing and mentoring research assistants, and advising an independent study project. I summarize this experience below.

Term Course (Faculty) Description of Teaching Experience
Fall 2009, Fall 2010 Political Psychology (David G. Winter) I led 3 weekly classroom sessions of 15-25 students. Typically, sessions were discussion-based critique of class materials or an in-depth review of new topics. Small group work and large classroom discussions were the most common. I also held regular office hours and review sessions, and I graded exams and papers.
Winter 2010, Winter 2011 American Political Parties (Hanes Walton Jr.) I led 3 weekly classroom sessions of 15-25 students. Typically, sessions involved the introduction of new topics. Lecture occurred most commonly, with small group work and large classroom discussions as often as possible. I also held regular office hours and review sessions, and I graded exams and papers.
Fall 2011 Political Strategy & Debate (Arthur Lupia) This class met once per week for 3 hours with myself and the faculty member. My teaching focused on upper-level writing and advising debate strategies.  In particular, I developed a rubric for the term paper and initiated in-person meetings with all 50 students to aid in the development of a research paper on a topic of their choosing. I used screen casting to provide extensive feedback on paper drafts prior to final submission.  I also worked with each debate team on formulating their strategy and presenting their case.  I held regular office hours, graded their final papers, and assisted in grading their debate presentation.
Winter 2012 Senior Independent Study Advisor I worked with a senior political science major to create a reading syllabus of recent work based on his research interests. We met bi-weekly to discuss the readings. I also mentored him through the development of his own research project and design.
Fall 2013, Winter 2014 Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program I trained and directed two undergraduate research assistants. The assistants learned to systematically code open-ended survey questions, completed data entry, engaged in preliminary coding and analyses in Stata, received appropriate training to interact with study participants, and conducted full study participation individually in a lab-based experiment. Ultimately, both students presented a poster of their work at an end-of-year conference.

You can find out more about my approach to teaching by reading my teaching philosophy:


A list of courses that I’d be interested in teaching, a sample syllabus, and my teaching evaluations are available upon request.