successful February field seasons

Both Emily and Naomi headed to the field in February.

Emily was in the Serengeti in Tanzania collecting samples (soils, carbonates, waters!) across rainfall and vegetation gradients to build a modern analog dataset for using soils in eastern Africa to study past climate change, with a particular focus on developing 17O in soils as a tool for reconstructing past changes in aridity.

Naomi was in the Afar region of Ethiopia, working on the Woranso-Mille Project, which contains a rich record of early human fossils and rift basin evolution.  Naomi’s field work this season focused on collecting samples for paleoenvironmental reconstructions – the collected samples included carbonates for isotopic work in the UM IsoPaleoLab and sediments for biomarker, phytolith and pollen analysis (to be done by collaborators). Other scientists in the field this season included Yohannes Haile-Selassie, Al Deino, Mulugeta Alene, Luis Gibert and Mark Peaple.

Check out Emily and Naomi’s instagram feeds to see pictures from their fieldwork.