Phoebe’s review on 17O in the hydrologic cycle is published

At last, Phoebe’s review of 17O in the water cycle is out in Chemical Geology.

It’s really exciting to see this out. The paper provides a thorough tour of triple oxygen isotope variation in water – it’s complete with R scripts for calculating & plotting O & H isotope variation in different settings. It’s a very good starting point for anyone who wants to get their head around the use of 17O measurements of waters.

This was a big team effort and it’s the first publication to come from the #17Owatermap crowdsource efforts that started with an email to the department in May 2018 asking if anyone could collect water samples during their summer travels. The outcome of this collection is all the gold circles on this map. 

If you’re reading this and you collected a sample for us: thank you!!

Here are the main data plots from the paper: