Introducing Dr. Lehmann and Dr. Hu

img_2049As of last week, there are now two newly minted PhDs from the Hopkins stable isotope group: Dr. Sophie Lehmann and Dr. Huanting Hu.

The combination of their PhD theses represents a huge advance in our understanding of triple oxygen isotope distributions in animals, among other things (e.g. South African paleoclimate and pCO2 in the Cretaceous!).

Sophie Lehmann 
Thesis Title: “Studies of Carbon, Oxygen and Strontium Isotopes in Tooth Enamel: Evaluating Paleoenvironmental Change in South Africa and Expanding the Paleoclimate Tool Kit”
advisor: Naomi Levin
next stop: postdoc at University of Pittsburgh

Huanting Hu
Thesis Title: “Triple Oxygen Isotopes of Biominerals: A New Proxy for Reconstructing Paleoaridity, Paleoecophysiology and Paleocarbon-Cycling”
advisor: Ben Passey
next stop: postdoc at Rice University

Nice work Sophie and Huanting!