Crowdsource 17O water project

In May 2018, we asked members of the UM EARTH community to collect waters during their summer travels. The response was huge. Over 100 people have collected more than 1000 water samples from 6 continents and 38 countries. Everyone had fun sampling. Whole families got involved and those sampling ended up talking about science to curious people passing by. And so, the #17Owatermap project began – check out the posts on twitter and instagram.

UM EARTH grad student Phoebe Aron is taking the lead on this project. Her first step is to measure the δ18O and δD values of these waters in the Poulsen Lab, and then we’ll next analyze a subset of these waters to determine their Δ17O values.

To build on the enthusiasm surrounding the summer 2018 efforts, sample collection continues and we need help! We are crowdsourcing water sample collection in order to generate a dataset of triple oxygen isotopes around the world.

Can you help us sample? We’ll analyze these waters for δ18O, Δ17O, and δD to understand what drives variations of oxygen and hydrogen isotopes.

If you’re willing to sample, we can get you the vials and a package (with pre-paid shipping) to send the samples back to us for analysis.

Please contact Phoebe Aron (paron at for more information or to request a sampling packet.