XRISM has launched!

The X-Ray Imaging and Spectroscopy Mission (XRISM) will investigate celestial X-ray objects in the Universe with high-throughput imaging and high-resolution spectroscopy. XRISM was launched from the Tanegashima Space Center at 8:42 a.m on September 7, 2023 JST in Japan (23:42 on September 6, 2023 UT).

Dr. Corrales will be leading the XRISM science team in investigating the composition of interstellar dust with X-ray scattering halos.
See the NASA website for more information: https://heasarc.gsfc.nasa.gov/docs/xrism/
JAXA website for XRISM: https://xrism.isas.jaxa.jp/en/


SPICEs research featured in Science magazine”

The telescope will help astronomers study some of the most energetic places in the cosmos, while the lunar mission will aid the development of pinpoint moon landing technologies.

By Katrina Miller and Kenneth Chang

Lia Corrales, an astronomer at the University of Michigan who was selected as a participating scientist on the mission, sees XRISM as “a pioneer vehicle” that represents “the next step in X-ray observations.” With its state-of-the-art spectroscopy, Dr. Corrales will analyze the composition of interstellar dust to glean insight into the chemical evolution of our universe.

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