Publications and Presentations


Presentations by Martha Bailey or other team members:

2016: NBER Cohort Studies; National Academy of Sciences; American Public Policy Association Meetings; Stanford Department of Economics Seminar; Social Science History Association; University of Colorado,  Institute of Behavioral Science; University of Michigan, Economic History Seminar; University of Odense, Denmark

2017: American Economic Association Annual Meetings; Guelph Record Linkage Workshop; University of Michigan, ISQM; Ohio State Population Studies Center; Yale University; University of Michigan, Getting to know ISR; Population Association Meetings; University of Michigan, ISR Big Data Group; NBER DAE Summer Institute Methods Lecture; NBER Cohort Studies


There have been a number of undergraduate and graduate students involved in the project and they have gained valuable experience presenting portions of the project.

  • Joshua Moss was a participant in the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) here at UM during the 2016-17 academic year. He presented a final poster describing his role in the project as part of the UROP Symposium in the spring of 2017.
  • Antony Anyosa was a MITRE student on the project who moved on to work as a team leader for the UM training team.  He presented a final poster describing his role in the project in the spring of 2016.



1. How Well Do Automated Linking Methods Perform in Historical Samples? Evidence from New Ground Truth (with Connor Cole, Morgan Henderson, and Catherine Massey), November 17, 2017, NBER Working Paper 24019under review.

  • NBER Summer Institute Methods Lecture on Data Linking

2. Simple Strategies for Improving Inference with Linked Data: A Case Study of the 1850-1930 IPUMS Linked Representative Historical Samples (with Connor Cole and Catherine Massey), February 19, 2018. Under review.

3. The Determinants of Life Expectancy in the 20th Century U.S. (with Alfia Karimova and Michael J. Murto), in progress.