Poetry: Books


Linda Gregerson’s long-awaited new collection is a tour de force, a compendium of lives touched by the radical fragility of the planet and, ultimately, the endless astonishment and paradox of being human within the larger ecosystem, “in a world where every breath I take is luck.”

Paperback / Hardback / Compact Disc

“Other accomplished poets of midlife and late life — Louise Glück, Jorie Graham, perhaps David Baker — have pursued grief with similar authority, but none with such care, such Midwestern concision, such reliance on the grammatical resources poetry shares with complex prose. . . . Few living poets make English grammar do so much so well.” (New York Times)

Prodigal: New and Selected Poems, 1976-2014


“Dizzyingly ambitious and fiercely beautiful, her work forces readers to interrogate their own vulnerabilities and failings.” (The Atlantic)

The Selvage (2012)


Magnetic North (2007)


Waterborne (2002)


The Woman Who Died in Her Sleep (1996)


Fire in the Conservatory (1982, 2016)


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