Janet Kauffman

Janet Kauffman reads poems from Eco-dementia (Wayne State University Press, Fall 2017). We talk about mixed media projects, assemblages, nature and activism. https://umich.box.com/shared/static/i15rqcxgem4thubgi9srfqx7wtsohhj8.mp3 Download Audio

Celeste Ng

From the archives: Celeste Ng reads from her novel Little Fires Everywhere (Penguin Press 2017). We talk about creating suspense, Shaker Heights, and shifting perspectives.   https://umich.box.com/shared/static/bh63s41y9bdps22bdj4c1jb9iu7c2wiu.mp3 Download Audio Original air date: October 12, 2017

Chris Van Allsburg

Guest host Amanda Uhle speaks with Chris Van Allsburg, author/illustrator of 19 books for children and illustrator of three more. Mr. Van Allsburg came to Ann Arbor recently to promote the newest Jumanji film, which had its Michigan premiere as a fundraiser for Hospice of Michigan and Arbor Hospice. They talk about his creative process, the journey from …

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MARCH: Congressman John Lewis, Andew Aydin and Nate Powell

Join us for a special program featuring a conversation with Congressman John Lewis, Andrew Aydin and Nate Powell about their trilogy MARCH. We also hear stories and memories from people who marched with Congressman John Lewis on Edmund Pettus Bridge March 7, 1965.   https://umich.box.com/shared/static/fkpg6zvkegr5jgef790z4rb9zz62499t.mp3 Download Audio

Gregory Pardlo

Gregory Pardlo reads from his book of poems Digest (Four Way Books 2014), winner of the 2015 Pulitzer Prize. We talk about translation, community, Richard Wright and Air Traffic.   https://umich.box.com/shared/static/mnpmz8gr6w0iulkk421fnquol8ptvt6m.mp3 Download Audio

Derek Peterson

Derek Peterson talks about his books Creative Writing (2004), Ethnic Patriotism and the East African Revival (2012) and his current projects funded by his MacArthur Fellowship. We talk about building stories, archival preservation, Mountains of the Moon University, Idi Amin and Ugandan radio. https://umich.box.com/shared/static/43zh4a3imnc14r3ubcvexju2dkj3x6ab.mp3 Download Audio

Lorna Goodison

In May of this year Lorna Goodison became the Poet Laureate of Jamaica. In a conversation from December 2014, we talk about how place has influenced her poems – from sunshine and salt to Michigan’s own snowy streets. We talk about Lorna coming to Michigan, her time and friends here and beyond.  We also talk …

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Stephen Rush

Michigan’s own Stephen Rush reads from Free Jazz, Harmolodics, and Ornette Coleman (Routledge 2017).  We talk about the principle of human equality, enlightenment, unison, and interviewing Ornette Coleman. https://umich.box.com/shared/static/rjjlylcpagr602deodazngmk7009zfbj.mp3 Download Audio

Karen Dionne at the mic

Karen Dionne

Karen Dionne reads from The Marsh King’s Daughter (Putnam 2017). We talk about writing a psychological suspense, fairy tales, and the UP. https://umich.box.com/shared/static/vz7n5qjy3o2p6x9fr11i77ezg98kxtyd.mp3 Download Audio  

David Lagercrantz

David Lagercrantz reads from The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye (Knopf 2017), the latest in the Lisbeth Salander series. We talk about continuing Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Series, being a board member of PEN in Sweden, what our parents want for us, and, briefly, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. https://umich.box.com/shared/static/ia04yu5nh9k1esvatadziyupflbinjfr.mp3 Download Audio  

Douglas Trevor

Douglas Trevor reads from his latest collection of stories The Book of Wonders (six one seven books 2017).  We talk about Radiohead, putting together a book of connected stories, invention, the number 9, melancholy and wonder. https://umich.box.com/shared/static/uald92p4m40v3q8ivcz4lvswhjuz042o.mp3 Download Audio