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Shelly Oria

Summer host Amanda Uhle talks with Shelly Oria, author of New York 1, Tel Aviv 0 (Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2014), and coauthor of the digital novella, CLEAN, commissioned by WeTransfer and McSweeney’s.  In September of 2019, Indelible in the Hippocampus, an anthology of writings from the #metoo movement, compiled and edited by Oria, will be published by McSweeney’s. We talk about living abroad, the power of #metoo, and the challenges of compiling a book of essays about an evolving social movement.

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Richard Ford

Richard Ford reads from an anthology he edited, Blue Collar, White Collar, No Collar:  Stories of Work, published by HarperCollins (2011).  All proceeds benefit 826michigan.  We talk about work and character development, and also hear a short section from Rock Springs’ “The Optimist.”