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historical fiction

B.A. Shapiro

B.A. Shapiro reads from her novel The Muralist published this November by Algonquin Books. We talk about using statistics as a plot device, moving back and forth between historical fiction set in 1939 to the present day, and blending fact and fiction. http://beanball.wcbn.org/rss/Living_Writers/wcbn-living_writers-2015-12-02-170001-EST.mp3 Download Audio For more about the author, click here!  show date: December …

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Elizabeth Berg

Elizabeth Berg reads from her latest novel The Dream Lover published by Random House. We talk about historical fiction, singing in a band, and the life and loves of George Sand. http://beanball.wcbn.org/rss/Living_Writers/wcbn-living_writers-2015-05-13-170001-EDT.mp3 Download Audio For more about the author, click here!

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