Bob Hicok

Bob Hicok reads from Hold (Copper Canyon Press 2018). We talk about the making of a poem and removing stops between things, like our minds do. We also talk about violence and stories and feeling invincible while writing. https://umich.box.com/shared/static/q2x8jzck03e5ep3b4xfnlteqbr7qiuof.mp3 Download Audio    

Jane Miller

Jane Miller reads from Who Is Trixie the Trasher? and Other Questions (Copper Canyon Press 2018). We talk about the desert, empowerment, irreverence, and sentries. https://umich.box.com/shared/static/wvmpozda9n5ebr2mwudkbjrpe0xr1saz.mp3 Download Audio *coming soon: bonus audio feature of Jane Miller reading title poem. pls check back in new year!

Philip Metres

Philip Metres reads from The Sound of Listening: Poetry as Refuge and Resistance (University of Michigan Press 2018). We talk about identity, vulnerability, empathy, echoes, and liberating forms.   https://umich.box.com/shared/static/lmrl5lfem0qmyzsw5d5kdr7uajm7escr.mp3 Download Audio  

Russell Brakefield

Russell Brakefield reads poems from his debut collection Field Recordings (Wayne State University Press 2018). We talk about Alan Lomax, the land, music, growing up in Michigan, and collecting sound and stories.   https://umich.box.com/shared/static/d1wm4ggmf4bi0qnn1t84t67l6f37kdbo.mp3 Download Audio

Elizabeth Schmuhl

Elizabeth Schmuhl reads from Premonitions (Wayne State University Press 2018). We talk about colors, numbers, poems, dance, the natural world, and “pantsuit power.” https://umich.box.com/shared/static/v7v59zfvm1c1eljht8jdnocyqwi9cm3x.mp3   Download Audio  

Hannah Ensor

Hannah Ensor reads poems from her debut LOVE DREAM WITH TELEVISION (Noemi Press 2018). We talk about the desert, basketball, book sections, shapes of poems, anxiety + of course love dreams. https://umich.box.com/shared/static/zd9plz0jhrt669tjbqwwsan1b3tzne6e.mp3 Download Audio  

Li-Young Lee

Li-Young Lee talks about scarcity, best words, A Love Supreme, and the attempt to understand our collective human mission.  The featured book is The Undressing (Norton 2018) https://umich.box.com/shared/static/tt0095z7ypzagdng5kf2wpezsgsotk02.mp3 Download Audio *Please note: there were audio difficulties with our phone connection during the live program; this episode of Living Writers is not the usual length.

Franz Wright

From the archives: Franz Wright reads poems from Kindertotenwald (Knopf 2013).  We talk about wearing masks, about the difficult twenties, and about seeing the drawbacks of MFA programs (while still loving scholars and universities).  We also talk about finding your secret of writing, “king of the cats,” and the universal. https://umich.box.com/shared/static/k3f8jemzdzidx6lrof1l3pn7hwfkeqs3.wav Download Audio photo credit: Garin Horner In …

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Keith Taylor

Guest host Amanda Uhle talks with poet & Pal of the Podcast Keith Taylor about his latest collection Ecstatic Destinations (Alice Greene & Co 2018).  They talk about Canada, park benches and the joy of neighborhood walks.   https://umich.box.com/shared/static/tjh2ru8kpzvky99p9uh45r4y0c2lcgjw.mp3 Download Audio  

Donald Hall

From the Archives: Donald Hall reads two poems that he wrote while teaching here at Michigan. We also talk about poetry as a vocation, Eagle Pond farm, a life inside and outside academia, the art of revision, baseball, Edgar Allan Poe, and writing with hope. https://umich.box.com/shared/static/3vke6zzar8tlfd7vatal7pheme28uffy.mp3 Download Audio photo credit: Linda Kunhardt/Courtesy of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt December 1, …

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