Participate in a Study!

To get involved, simply drop in to one of our two Living Lab sites* while we are there running studies. We are happy to have you and your child participate in one of our studies.  We are also more than happy to talk with you about our research, or about child development research more generally.

Below you will find a calendar that includes all the days and times that you can find us around Ann Arbor. You can tell where a study is being run on a particular day/time by looking for the following abbreviations:

  • AAHOM = Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum
  • MNH = Museum of Natural History*

Note: If you see the word OPEN on a particular day/time, it means that the regular research shift for that day was cancelled and no other researcher has filled in.

*The Museum of Natural History is currently closed. Our research will resume with them in 2019 when they reopen.