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We will have new teams each semester, and we hope to accommodate both new and repeat members. If you are a grad student or a faculty member who would like to serve as a mentor or advisor, please email us and we would be happy to work with you to build a team.

Undergraduate Researchers: 

Winter 2020 applications are closed.


  1. What are the prerequisites? These vary by project, see the project descriptions for the current semester.
  2. Do I need to already know how to program? Not necessarily, but some projects might require that students have a programming background. If it is required that students already have programming skills for a project, then the project description will list programming as a prerequisite.
  3. Wait, so I don’t have to program if I don’t want to? Not quite. You will develop programming skills as part of the LoG(M) experience.
  4. Do I need to be a math major? Or have spent a minimum amount of time at Michigan? No and no.
  5. Do I have to take LoG(M) for credit? Yes. Beginning in Winter 2020, LoG(M) will be a 3 credit course, listed in the course program as Math 440. We will phase into this beginning Fall 2019.
  6. Should I apply again if I got rejected? Absolutely. We strive to form balanced teams of students with compatible skill sets. Your background may fit well with project offerings and other applicants in the pool one semester but not another.
  7. What exactly happens during the semester? See the syllabus from Fall 2019.

Questions still unanswered? Contact logm-info [at] umich [dot] edu.

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