Composition is the creation of musical works. In Western culture, it often involves the notating of music on paper, but can be extended to improvisatory musics such as jazz.

Students most often fulfill composition requirements with courses chosen from the following list:

  • COMP 221: Introduction to Elementary Composition
  • COMP 222: Composition
  • COMP 233: Special Topics in Composition
  • COMP 415: Introduction to Electronic Music
  • COMP 416: Seminar in Electronic Music

With instructor permission, additional offerings may be available through the SMTD composition department. Any course in COMP taken through SMTD is eligible to count toward music major and minor requirements.

Enjoy! These courses are favorites among music majors. Even if you’ve never composed before, don’t worry. You’ll be surprised by your own achievements and learn a lot about music from the performance, theory, and historical perspectives along the way.