Musicology is another term for music history and involves research into music as a cultural phenomenon. At its most basic it is the story of the music across time, but its value is also as a wellspring of ideas that enrich the experience of music. These ideas can become the raw material of further creative work by composers and musicians.

Students most often fulfill musicology requirements with courses chosen from the following list:

  • MUSICOL 121: Introduction to the Art of Music
  • MUSICOL 122: Introduction to World Music
  • MUSICOL 123: Introduction to Popular Music
  • MUSICOL 130: Opera!
  • MUSICOL 345: History of Music – Middle Ages to Baroque
  • MUSICOL 346: History of Music – Baroque to modern era

Each semester, SMTD offers a wide array of additional musicology courses, all of which are eligible to be counted toward music major and minor requirements. Please see the SMTD Course Descriptions page for more information about regularly offered musicology courses, and be sure to check Wolverine Access for information on current offerings and special courses in such areas as Music and Islam, Film Music, Chamber Music, etc. Note that some courses may require prerequisites or instructor consent to enroll.


It’s recommended to take one of the introduction to music classes (Western 121, World 122, or Popular 123) before taking an upper-level course at the 300- or 400-level. If you have substantial experience in music history, admission to upper level courses can be granted by the instructor.